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House Rules & Clubhouse Hours

Revised 12/12/2017

1. House Rules: House Rules shall apply to all persons, both San Juan Island Yacht Club (SJIYC) members and non-members, while using the clubhouse. All rules are subject to change upon recommendation of the Commodore and approval by the Board of Trustees.

2. Clubhouse Hours: Hours of operation of the clubhouse shall be posted outside the main entrance and shall be detailed on the bulletin board inside the clubhouse.

3. Postings: Notices or advertisements posted or circulated in the clubhouse shall be limited to those pertaining to Club affairs or events. Any other postings shall require the approval of the Commodore. Any postings deemed offensive or inappropriate shall be removed without notice.

4. Visitors: The SJIYC clubhouse is for the exclusive use and enjoyment of the members. However, visitors in the following categories are welcome in the clubhouse during most hours of operation, with certain restrictions.

A. Reciprocal Visitors: The Club maintains reciprocal relationships with other bona fide yacht clubs whereby our members and the members of such reciprocal clubs may use each other’s clubhouse and/or moorage facilities on an occasional basis when visiting. The reciprocal privilege is only available to persons who qualify as non-residents as defined under Article III, Section 2 (f) of the Club’s Bylaws. A maximum of four visits per year is permitted, unless a greater number of visits is granted to SJIYC members by the reciprocating club.

B. Guests: SJIYC members may use the Club facilities to entertain friends and visitors and/or to introduce new people who may have an interest in joining our Club. Members should use discretion in exercising this privilege and avoid inviting a large number of guests at any one time. Parties of members in excess of six guests require pre-approval of the Club Manager. Also, members should avoid sponsoring frequent and repeated visits by any particular guest or guests, and not use this privilege as a substitute for membership. Any particular guest is limited to a maximum of six visits per year. This excludes immediate family of members (parent/grandparents, children and grandchildren).

5. Clubhouse Admission: SJIYC members should guide all guests and visiting members of reciprocal yacht clubs and their guests through the following registration process by:

A. Reciprocal Visitors: Upon entering the clubhouse, visiting members of reciprocal yacht clubs are required to present their club membership card to the Club Manager, bartender, or to a designated SJIYC member for approval. Each visitor must then sign the registration sheet and be issued a reciprocal badge. This badge (nametag) must be worn to remain in the clubhouse and be served food or beverages.

B. Guests: Host members should sign their guest(s) into the guest registration book and prepare a nametag for each guest hosted. Guests are required to wear the guest badges while visiting our facility. The sponsoring host member shall accompany the guest and be responsible for the guest’s conduct and obligations while visiting the clubhouse. The guest may not remain in the clubhouse if the sponsoring member leaves the premises for any reason.

6. Membership Cards: Members shall not lend their membership cards to non-members or allow the use of clubhouse facilities in their name.

7. Bank Cards: Valid Visa and MasterCard bank cards will be accepted at the clubhouse for purchases by SJIYC members and members of yacht clubs with reciprocal privileges.

8. Attire: With respect to attire, propriety is the rule, i.e. swimsuits, shirtless attire, and bare feet are never appropriate.

9. Bar & Lounge: State liquor laws shall be fully complied with at the clubhouse, and the lounge area shall be restricted, at all times, for use by persons over 21. All persons tending bar or any Club official may demand identity cards to establish the age of persons seeking to drink or drinking alcoholic beverages.

10. Youth: Persons under the age of eighteen shall be accompanied by and under the close supervision of an adult at all times.

11. Conduct: All persons in our clubhouse shall observe proper conduct and decorum and shall respect other members’ and guests’ use and enjoyment of the clubhouse. Members or employees assigned to bar service shall refuse to serve alcoholic beverages to anyone when, in their opinion, such person is intoxicated. Activities that bring the Club into disrepute or interrupt the harmony of the clubhouse shall be prohibited: disturbances shall not be tolerated. In the event a person is guilty of a breach of the rules of conduct, it shall be the duty of a Flag Officer, or the Club Manager if there is no Flag Officer present, to immediately request said person or persons to leave the premises.

12. Pets: Animals shall be prohibited in the clubhouse at all times. For all SJIYC events, pets shall be prohibited in areas where food is being served. Pets that accompany their masters on a cruise shall be under leash control and shall be cleaned up after at all times when they are off the boat.

13. Observed Violations: Members observing violations of these House Rules shall report their observations or concerns to a Flag Officer, or the Club Manager if there is no Flag Officer present. Members should not take it on themselves to intervene and/or confront a member or guest, whom they consider in violation of these House Rules.